Polyether Amines

Polyether Amines are kinds of aminos. Their main chain consists of different molecular weights, polypropylene oxides, and ethylene oxide amines. Their unique molecular structures are very good for polyurea spray (e.g. waterproof paint), large-scale composite materials (e.g. wind turban blades, boats), and epoxy curing agents (e.g. epoxy flooring, jewelry, etc). Our company currently produces 5 products to meet customer needs.

Product Performance

PropertiesApplicationsData (Download)
MA-223bi-functional        molecular weight 230epoxy curing agent        adhesiveMA-223
MA-240bi-functional        molecular weight 440epoxy curing agent        adhesiveMA-240
MA-2200bi-functional        molecular weight 2000epoxy curing agent        polyurea materialMA-2200
MA-340tri-functional        molecular weight 440epoxy curing agent        adhesiveMA-340
MA-3500tri-functional        molecular weight 5000epoxy curing agent        polyurea materialMA-3500